Offer Enablement

How do you establish your proposition?

Creating a compelling proposition is still one of the most challenging aspects of operational success. More often than not, companies rely on reactive evolution to shape their proposition, while significant and relentless changes to a company’s markets increase the effort and cost in maintaining clear thought leadership and sales traction.

Creating clear differentiation from the core components of an offer is not easy – you may hear prospects say ‘you all sound the same’ and sales people may get fatigued with non-productive engagements that arise from poorly qualified leads and an ambivalent audience.

The cost of ineffective direction leads to poorly motivated staff, a lack of industry sponsorship and a decline in company performance. This makes it difficult to attract new talent and creates tension between your teams that wastes time and costs money. By contrast, getting it right leads to accelerated market share, improved sales productivity, visible sponsorship from industry luminaries and higher company value. Relying on reactive evolution is at best a game of chance – sometimes proactive intervention and a fresh unbiased perspective is the key to unlocking a proposition!

The RVWL Offer Enablement Program

The RVWL Offer Enablement Program (OEP) specifically addresses this challenge. It is designed to facilitate the capture of the best information you can access and distil it into an effective and concise proposition. Using a proven capture process and template documents that aid collaboration, we’ll help you to extract what matters from sales people, marketers, product owners, R&D staff – and your customers. We’ll help you to arbitrate the contributions from your teams and assemble a fresh, compelling and quantifiable proposition that your sales people can convert into sales success.

What are some of the indicators that you may need help?

  • You want to launch a new offer but have yet to establish a qualified proposition
  • Early success cannot be repeated or scaled effectively
  • A tangible loss of sales traction – frustrated sales people
  • You lose more and more to competitors
  • Declining average selling prices
  • Apathetic customer and prospect responses
  • Poor response-to-lead conversion rates from marketing programs
  • Ambivalent market, poor analyst and press coverage
  • Countless internal meetings that debate the same issues without resolution

Why would you use RVWL?

Most often, external influence is the key to establishing or re-invigorating a proposition. An objective, third-party perspective can provide valuable insight that internal teams will struggle to uncover because they are too close to the problem. Simply put, we have the licence to ask the difficult questions and test answers without taking sides! Of course, processes and tools are only a part of it – expertise, experience and judgment play an equal part in getting to the answers. Our team brings years of operational experience from sales and marketing – through numerous senior positions in companies that serve both enterprise and service provider markets. We don’t just stand on the side lines and throw out advice; we roll up our sleeves and get involved in the staff work to help your teams learn and succeed.