Roll Out

Making sales enablement pay

Investing in sales enablement and the creation of associated sales assets is essential for the salesforce to be successful; yet many companies fail to maximise their return on this investment. RVWL has conclusively proven that a structured delivery of sales enablement materials, based on an explanation of the related business opportunity, will accelerate the identification of a qualified pipeline. Working with BT, Cisco, Nokia, VMware and others, the RVWL Roll Out Program (ROP) has:

  • increased sales organisations’ utilisation of enabling assets
  • improved the quality of sales engagement between customers and partners
  • created qualified pipeline
  • provided the deal-winning insight that enables sales teams to close more of the right deals

How it works

For the target proposition, the RVWL Sales Enablement Program (SEP) delivers an interactive Sales Guide in a proven and well-tested format. The guide delivers what sales people need to know and describes the sales best practice that will lead to success. This asset provides the foundation for the RVWL Roll Out Program (ROP), consisting of advice, practical guidance and a two-to-three hour workshop that can be delivered at sites of your choosing. During the workshop we:

  • explain what is going on in your customers’ world that can be addressed by the proposition
  • demonstrate to the sales people attending that they have opportunity in their accounts
  • equip the sales people to hunt for new business

It’s not sales training

The RVWL ROP workshop is not ‘sales training’ – we are not here to teach your sales people how to sell! Rather, we show them how to exploit the market opportunity for specific propositions within your portfolio using the Sales Guide(s) that your internal contributors helped to create. There’s a difference: you hired your sales people because they know how to sell; you hire RVWL to help them generate the return on your proposition portfolio investments faster than would otherwise be possible!

Why you need our help

RVWL is a facilitator. We use our experience of what does and does not work to help you get to the point quickly and efficiently, so that sales people are off the road for the shortest time possible and leave the ROP workshop with the best chance of success. After the workshop we can assist you with monitoring and feedback, as your sales people put into practice the techniques and information they have learned from the RVWL SEP materials and ROP workshop. As with our Sales Enablement Program, RVWL’s external objectivity allows us to guide you through roll out to the right answers by asking the right questions, using proven processes and by sharing industry experience from many successful customer engagements. We’ll help you to execute and deliver a successful Roll Out Program that results in a pipeline of opportunities that you can manage and close.