Sales Enablement

How do you manage sales success?

Selling Enterprise or high-value solutions is not easy. Solution propositions often deal with complex customer problems and there’s always competition for the business. Achieving repeatable success requires you to be able to harness all the skills of your sales team and your channel partners. They need the key facts to effectively engage prospects and customers and maintain sales momentum.

Can all of your sales people, including your channel partners, do this all of the time? Do they have the right information? Will they find and pursue the right opportunities, articulate the business value, align it to key customer issues and win?

Finally – how do you ensure that sales people have accurate and actionable information for each deal, so that you can ensure their time is well spent and the appropriate resources are applied to the right deals?

What is the RVWL Sales Enablement Program?

The RVWL Sales Enablement Program (SEP) specifically addresses these questions. It is designed to provide concise, structured information to sales people so they can turn your proposition into repeatable revenue. The RVWL SEP delivers information that sales people can and will consume – it is fact-based, direct and to the point – providing the proof points and examples that help uncover and exploit opportunity.

Will it work for us?

The SEP is a proven program. It has been deployed broadly in many vertical markets, supporting numerous propositions ranging from Unified Messaging to Application Life-cycle Management, Mobile Communications and Embedded Systems, among many others. It complements your marketing programs and existing sales methodology and exploits the best of what you know to help your sales people succeed. Since you’ve no doubt employed talented sales people, invested in their core selling skills and worked hard to create the programs that drive awareness and sales opportunity, your sales team will benefit from this program. We measure the success of our program with our customers; they testify to its success.

What are the benefits?

The bottom line is you win more, higher value deals. The SEP enables your sales people to internalise and communicate the key tenets of your proposition. They’ll be better able to qualify opportunities and align your solution with customers’ needs. More importantly, the program will help you avoid wasted sales effort on opportunities that simply don’t justify the cost of sale. The RVWL SEP helps accelerate sales success – whether you’re entering a new market, releasing a new product, or reinvigorating an existing offer for direct and partner channels.

How does it work?

Our program is facilitated by highly experienced, senior sales and marketing professionals with proven industry track records. The program starts with a one-day Discovery Workshop where stakeholders and experts from your business are brought together to describe and debate your proposition using a structured, question-based capture process. This feeds the generation of a range of deliverables that can be consumed by customer-facing teams. Many of our customers find the Discovery Workshop a compelling event; often they uncover key aspects of sales success and technical prowess that can change the game for other customer-facing staff. Following the workshop, a series of managed review gates ensure that the output is accurate, compelling and complete.

How do I get started?

The first step is to find a time when you can host a Discovery Workshop – you’ll benefit from having representation from Sales, Pre-sales, Professional Services and Product Marketing – typically eight to twelve people. Once we’ve completed the workshop, the delivery of a Sales Guide takes around eight weeks. You should see the benefits of the SEP program within six months.

You’ll have some questions that need answering: we’re happy to arrange a meeting with you – face to face is better because we can show you examples of work we’ve done before. However, we can also host a web meeting or conference call where time zones or geographies dictate.